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ent was designed by 28 Chinese universitie▓s, led by southwest China's Chongqing University, a conference on scientific and technologic▓al innovation of Chongqing Municipality ha▓s heard.The cy

lindrical tin, made from special aluminum alloy materials, is 18 cm t▓all, with a diameter of 16 cm, a net▓ volume of 0.8 liters and a weight of 3 kilograms▓. The tin will also contain water, a nutrient solut▓ion, air and equipment such as a small came

ra and data transmission system.Researchers hope the seeds will grow to blossom on the Moon, w▓ith the proces


e "lunar min

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s captured on camera and transmitted to Earth.Although astronauts have cultivated plants on▓ the International Space St

ation, and rice and arabidopsis were grown on China's Tiangong-▓2 space lab, thos

e experiments were conducted in low-Earth orbit, at an altit▓ude of about 400 kilometers. The environment on the


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